Mia Jafari

Mia Jafari

Mia is passionate about creativity, design, self-development, sustainable fashion and manufacturing, human-centered design, experiential learning and yoga.

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Collaboration Team

We're made up of a core team of yogipreneurs, trained in business, yoga, the art of facilitation & learning design. On a project basis we connect with our vast network of multidisciplinary individuals; collaborators, makers, doers and thinkers, to meet every brief with the perfect combination of expertise and discipline.


Melinda Varfi

Melinda has practised as an embedded consultant in numerous self managing companies. She is sought after process designer and facilitator and bring with her advanced visual storytelling skills, leadership development, and coaching expertise. She co-founded Impact Hub Budapest and is a key part of the Art of Hosting community.

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Maria Paz

Maria crafts transformative programs for self-development and makes sure teams are aligned and balanced.

She surfs the creative inspiration wave (also known as flow) with the help of daily centering and purifying practices.

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Gustavo Carriconde

Experienced in digital strategy and marketing. Passionate about digital communications. Pitch perfection master. Business Modelling Expert.

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Reema Mehra

A native of Seoul, South Korea, yet equally at home in the U.S. and India, Reema is particularly well suited to see things from a global viewpoint. Based in Dubai, Reema works in management consulting and is currently getting her MBA at Oxford.

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