Learn How to Communicate with the Universe

Every action, every thought, every feeling we have is motivated by an intention and that intention causes the effect. We are not helpless but actually eternally powerful and creators of the experiences we see around us. It is our intentions that are a cause that will always have an effect on the world around us.  And here’s the kicker, according to Gary Zukav, the author of ‘The Seat of the Soul’, if we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in its effect. We are in it till the end, come rain or shine, we are caught in the events of what follows from our intentions. It is unavoidable. Our intentions alone can turn worlds.  

So let’s talk about intentions. I want to design beautiful clothes. Why? Because I want to be a famous fashion designer someday, be invited to fancy parties, be adorned in magazines, be rich, have famous friends… there is so much fear operating in these words. Our need to be recognised and be celebrated are driven by fear, greed and desperation that ripples outwards into the world, making monstrous everything and everyone it touches until ambition and success is reached on the destruction of our earth, on the broken backs of others and at the sacrifice of our own soul.  Let’s try that again.  I want to design beautiful clothes.  Why? Because I want to bring joy to people.  I want to enable those who feel faceless to be able to create their own identities through through what they wear. I want to create jobs to low income women. I want to express myseld, I want to grow, I want to create.  These words come from a place of love. A love that re-grows the earth, that empowers its people, a love that balloons my soul and makes it fly.

With so much of life affected by our simplest intentions, how can we make sure our intentions are built on love and not on intentions driven by fear?  Below is my 4 step approach that I developed through my learning of Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God 3’ and Gary Zukav’s ‘The Seat of the Soul’.

Step One: Believe you are the universe 

This does not mean that we should believe that we are the centre of the universe rather that we are the universe itself.  We must start by accepting that we are connected to everything and everyone. That our thoughts, our desires, our very intentions do not operate in a vacuum but reach out to the furthest parts of all life itself and affect it. Through our intentions, we, like the universe are ever abundant and the potential for good that we can bring to the world around us is infinite.  

Neale Donald Walsh writes that in a future utopia, economic success will be measured on how much we cause others to amass. In the future economy, we will not do things for personal profit but for personal growth. Our commodity will be personal growth via the act of giving. With this in mind act as if every day is an opportunity to give and that this act of giving is enough to experience growth. Start today. Act like you have ‘enough’ money, have enough love, have ‘enough’ time, have ‘enough’ joy, what would you do differently? What would you share more freely and openly? 

Step Two: Be Present & Be Grateful 

Intentions driven by fear tend to originate from things in the past and are aimed at events in the future.  They leap over the present.  They are fuelled by regrets, failures, traumas and seek resolution in the future via desperation and hope.  To live in fear is never to live in the now.  It is love that seeks to make time stand still, to forever be in the present moment, to appreciate what is happening right now. “God I hope this moment never ends”, yeah that’s love talking!!  To ensure our intentions come from a place of love we must be present and to be present is to be forever grateful.  Start with being present.  Right here. Right now. What do you feel?  How do you feel? What are you grateful for?   I like to start this process with reciting the following quote by Neale Donald Walsch:

‘There is nothing I have to have, there is nothing I have to do, there is nothing I have to be, there is nowhere I need to go except exactly what I am being right now.’

 Rest peacefully, the kind of rest that is only achievable when one knows that everything will come to be at the right time. Stay centred and refuse to be influenced by other people's criticisms or doubts which send you hurtling towards your past and future.  Yoga teacher Maria Paz gave me a great tip to manage this which is that every time you have doubt, you must say ‘Thank you God for reminding me that IT IS coming to me, I thank you in advance.’

There are times when I simply cannot see the good in things and my world is bombarded with fear.  When things do not seem to be going to plan for me I think about how my actions have helped others, I focus on how much I have been able to add value to others even when I don’t seem to have got what I wanted.  This at least keeps me grounded in the present.  

Step Three – Seed your Intention 

As Gary Zukav explains in ‘The Seat of the Soul’ every action is motivated by an intention and that intention causes effects. If you build love based intentions you get more love, if you build fear based intentions you get more fear. Intentions derive from two key emotions: Love and Fear so build your intention board with love based intentions. 

In the words of Neale Donald Walsch, life is about creating the highest quality of giving, not the highest quality of getting.  Seed your intentions for the greater good and not for reasons that purely satisfy your needs.  What do you want to invite into your world? What new world do you imagine coming about from your intentions? Visualize yourself doing or being this intention you desire. Live your life as if you have already reached your intentions. Imagine how this is helping others. Speak it to yourself in a positive present tense affirmations. Write your affirmations starting with ‘I am or ‘I have’ and imagine how this will impact the world and others.

Step Four – Build your intention board

I like to create a collage of images that represent my intentions and the feelings of love I associate with each image. I like to pin them on a board and keep the board somewhere I can see every day.  So on my current board I have a picture of a puppy I want to foster and this makes me feel love. I have a picture of the sea I want to live next to and this makes me feel expansive, I have a picture of my dream house where I want to invite my friends and this makes me feelconnected. Each of these images connects together forming interesting possibilities and realities creating a beautiful collage that represents a life built on love in its purest form. This intention board helps me develop more clarity and inner peace when things are not going to plan. I focus on the feeling of giving and know the universe will bring these things to me.

The above is developed through my learnings of Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God 3’, Gary Zukav’s ‘The Seat of the Soul’ and Deepak Chopra’s ‘You are the Universe’.