Create your business vision!

Date: Saturday, 3 August 2019

Time: 17:00 - 20:00

Location: Preston Park, Brighton

Who is it for: Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, students, innovators, change makers and anyone interested in learning more about how spiritual growth can enhance their work and life

BCM session.jpg

What is yoga?

Yoga is not separate from life, but rather a practical, systematic science of enlightenment and evolution of our consciousness. Himalayan Sattva yoga, which we will be working with during this workshop is not about what we do on the mat, it is not about strength or flexibility of our hamstrings, or the size of our waistline but infuses all areas and aspects of our lives. Yoga creates trust in the process we are in right now and here. 


Workshops Objectives:

• Understand more about yoga practises and spirituality

• Learn to use ancient yoga principles and practices to make our entrepreneurial journey more successful

• Explore how to work in a state of flow and make decisions of value

• Create our visions and intentions for our life and career