Vision & Mission 

We believe that all entrepreneurs can become yogipreneurs. When entrepreneurs embrace esoteric principles found in spirituality, mysticism, yoga, and meditation, they find their lives filled with an ever abundant energy, clarity and inspiration to build greater impact for themselves, people and the planet.

How we do this?

We use the principles of Yoga and spirtulaity to build the new age of entrepreneurship that disrupt your old beliefs through presencing, mindfulness and connectivity to our surroundings to ignite and enhance creativity, connectedness and disrupting old ways of learning. We do this by going beyond simply training the mind and acting from mental intelligence.

Through combining how the head thinks, how the heart feels and how the hand acts Yogipreneurship takes the four dimensions of our being: mind, body, emotion and spirit to ignite and grow creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Some of the Yogipreneurship tools:

  • Develop a Grateful Attitude -  A gratitude ritual immediately shifts you from what you don’t have to what you do have and allows you to appreciate how far you have come.

  • Practice Forgiveness - See forgiveness as a gift to you, not a gift to someone else. One of the reasons why you may hang on to a grievance is that you may believe that you are letting the other person off the hook but actually you are freeing yourself to focus on building your exciting visions of the future. 

  • Practice the Art of Giving -  Research has shown that being a self described ‘giver’ is linked with a greater sense of meaning and that having meaning in life is connected with doing good things for others.

  • Be in a State of Flow - Be happy in the now and use it as the fuel to drive your visions, intentions for yourself and the world and an exciting vision for the future.

Would you like to learn more? 

 We’d love to hear from you! We are always keen to meet new people, businesses and organisations.

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